WHO Executive Board Encourages Minamata Ratification

who-minamata23 January 2014: The World Health Organization's (WHO) Executive Board adopted a resolution on the public health impacts of mercury exposure and the role of the WHO and in implementing the Minamata Convention on Mercury, at its meeting on 23 January 2014.

The resolution on 'Public health impacts of exposure to mercury and mercury compounds: the role of WHO and ministries of public health in the implementation of the Minamata Convention' welcomes the adoption of the Minamata Convention and encourages WHO Member States to promptly sign, ratify and implement the Convention.

It also encourages Member States to: address the health aspects of exposure to mercury and mercury compounds in the context of the health sector uses, and also on the other negative health impacts that should be prevented or treated, by ensuring the sound management of mercury and mercury compounds throughout their life cycle; and to promote health care services for prevention, treatment and care for populations affected by the exposure to mercury or mercury compounds.

The resolution will be considered by the 67th session of the World Health Assembly convening in Geneva, Switzerland, from 19-24 May 2014. [WHO Resolution] [Minamata Convention Press Release]