Three Chemicals Conventions Open Joint COPs

chemicalsandwastecop1129 April 2013: The 11th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Basel Convention (BC COP 11), the sixth meeting of the Rotterdam Convention COP (RC COP 6), the sixth meeting of the Stockholm Convention COP (SC COP 6) and the second simultaneous extraordinary meetings of the COPs to the three conventions (ExCOPs 2) are convening back-to-back in Geneva, Switzerland.

By holding the meetings back-to-back, parties hope to achieve more effective and coherent decision-making on policy, technical and budget matters, as well as to strengthen the implementation of the three conventions at the national, regional and global levels.

Delegates will consider joint activities among the conventions, progress on enhancing cooperation and coordination among the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions, and identify new concrete areas where synergies can be achieved.

On 28 April, delegates adopted the ExCOPs agenda, addressed organizational matters, initiated discussion on enhancing cooperation and collaboration among the conventions, initiated consideration of technical assistance and financial resources in Simultaneous Sessions of the Ordinary COPs, and forwarded further discussions to a contact group. On 29 April, delegates completed their discussion on financial resources, and established a Contact Group on Technical Assistance and Financial Resources. They also discussed waste issues related to POPs, and legal and compliance issues related to the three conventions.

The meetings will continue until 10 May 2013. [IISD RS Meeting Coverage]