SAICM Spotlights Latin American and Caribbean Projects

SAICMSeptember 2013: The Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM) has spotlighted three Quick Start Programme (QSP) funded projects as having outstanding impact in the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) Region. Projects implemented in Chile, Costa Rica and Honduras were recognized, along with a regional civil society project.

The Honduras project focused on including the environmentally sound management of chemicals into the National Development Plan. It was awarded most outstanding QSP project in the LAC region. The project supported Honduras in its efforts to achieve Millennium Development Goals (MDG) targets by addressing gaps in its chemicals management regime, and working to develop and strengthen national chemicals management institutions, plans, programmes and activities to implement SAICM.

A project in Chile and Costa Rica on updating the National Chemicals Management Profile, developing a National SAICM Capacity Assessment, and holding a national SAICM priority-setting workshop was recognized as the most outstanding QSP-funded multi-country project. The project provided an important contribution to the knowledge of the chemicals life cycle, and strengthened national capacities in decision-making related to the chemicals management in both countries.

A regional project executed by SustainLabour and focused on enabling workers and workplaces for SAICM implementation was awarded most outstanding civil society QSP-funded project in the region. The project reportedly strengthened Trade Union capacity, training 683 leaders from 72 Trade Unions, and providing concrete tools to tackle chemical risk at workplaces. [SAICM Article] [Honduras Profile] [SustainLabour Profile] [Chile and Costa Rica Profile]