GEF Provides Financial Mechanism for Mercury Convention

GEF10 October 2013: The Global Environment Facility (GEF) has welcomed its designation as an entity comprising the financial mechanism under the Minamata Convention on Mercury. The GEF reports that it has committed up to US$10 million in funding under the Fifth GEF replenishment (GEF 5) for an early action pre-ratification program for the Convention.

According to GEF, it will support countries in ratifying and implementing the Convention. The pre-ratification program will assist countries assess their national situation in terms of mercury, including its use and production, sources of emissions and releases, and necessary policy and regulatory changes to ratify and implement the Convention.

These investments will cover the remaining period of GEF 5, until the end of June 2014, when the sixth GEF replenishment (GEF 6) is finalized. [GEF Press Release] [IISD RS Meeting Coverage]