Basel Convention, INTERPOL Release E-Learning Module on Illegal Traffic

interpol-basel26 March 2014: The Secretariat of the Basel Convention and INTERPOL have launched an e-learning module to assist law enforcement officers in identifying and preventing illegal trade in hazardous chemicals and wastes. Developed with financial support from the EU, the tool aims to increase awareness of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions, and the ways in which these treaties contribute to the safe management, production, movement, use and disposal of hazardous chemicals and wastes. The e-learning module addresses the visual identification of chemicals, through container appearance, labels, codes and names, and provides guidance on how to identify and deal with cases of illegal traffic.

Available in Arabic, English, French and Spanish, the tool comprises seven sections: the pillars of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions; import and export procedures under these Conventions; control of international trade; identification, classification and safety issues; dealing with suspicious or illegal trade and traffic; cooperation; and final assessment. [E-learning tool on Hazardous Chemicals and Wastes] [INTERPOL Press Release] [Basel Convention Website]