Basel and Stockholm Regional Centres Discuss Performance and Sustainability

brc December 2013: Representatives of 22 of the 23 Regional Centres of the Basel and Stockholm Conventions recently convened for a joint meeting on enhancing cooperation and coordination between centres. The meeting focused on performance and sustainability of centres, as well as sharing successes and challenges.

According to the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm (BRS) Conventions Secretariat, extensive discussions were held on the methodology for evaluating the performance and sustainability of the regional and subregional centres, as well as the draft evaluation of all the centres based on the methodology. Participants made recommendations on collecting information to undertake an effective evaluation.

Latin America and Caribbean regional centres also discussed a chemicals and wastes awareness campaign titled 'Scoring a Goal Against Chemical Contamination,' aimed at capitalizing on the opportunity provided by the FIFA World Football Cup scheduled to be held in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and other Brazilian cities in June and July 2014. The meeting took place in Geneva, Switzerland, from 27-29 November 2013. [BRS Secretariat Press Release]